NOTE: It is assumed that you are using root login.


‘Fedora / RedHat / OpenSuse’ users:

Step 1) Open terminal window and type:
yum install -y pure-ftpd


Ubuntu / Debian users:

Step 1) Open terminal window and type:
apt-get install -y pure-ftpd


Step 2) Create new system group.
groupadd [ftpgroup]

Step 3) Create new system user.
useradd -g [ftpgroup] -d /dev/null [ftpuser]

Step 4) Use pure-pw (tool provided by pure-ftpd) to create virtual user.
pure-pw useradd [username] -u [ftpuser] -d [/home/ftpusers/username]

On pressing enter, you will be asked to enter virtual user’s password & then again to confirm the same password.

Step 5) Untill here, changes are not saved by pure-ftpd. To commit changes enter the following command:
pure-pw mkdb

Step 6) To start pure-ftpd as standalone server type:
pure-ftpd -j -lpuredb:/etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.pdb &

Step -7) Success… Now, connect to the server using:
ftp localhost [or ipaddress]

enter virtual user credentials [username and password] as supplied in step 4, to login.

Guide to create virtual-user in pure-ftpd
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