Today I went through really a big issue , I am trying to update shipping information in Chargify using its api.

Code written below is the code which I tried to update the shipping info

        parameters = {
          "subscription" => {
            "customer_attributes" => {
              "first_name" => "shipping_first_name",
              "last_name" => shipping_last_name,
              "address" => shipping_address,
              "address_2" => shipping_address_2,
              "city" => shipping_city,
              "state" => shipping_state,
              "zip" => shipping_postal_code,
              "country" => shipping_country
        response = `curl -i -X PUT -d '#{parameters.to_json}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -u #{Chargify.api_key}:x https://#{Chargify.subdomain}{}.json`
 This code will return you response code 200. i.e. data updated successfully.
 But this will actually not update shipping info.
 Got Confused .....?
 I was also confused.Then I raised ticket regarding this issue in chargify support.
 They replied that its not possible to change the shipping info using the Chargify API.

Update Shipping info in Chargify

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