Save images to flickr using flickraw gem

Login to your Flickr account. Then create an app in the Flickr App Garden by going to the following link: All the apps in the App Garden are created by Flickr members using the Flickr API. Here’s how: –

Update Shipping info in Chargify

Today I went through really a big issue , I am trying to update shipping information in Chargify using its api. Code written below is the code which I tried to update the shipping info

To change current status of linkedin from your own site.

Add this code in the function which you call from authentication(function) Like:: function onLinkedInAuth() { IN.API.Profile(“me”).fields(“id”,”firstName”, “lastName”, “industry”, “numConnections”,”educations”,”location”,”headline”,”publicProfileUrl”).result(CurrentStatus); } function CurrentStatus(profiles) { member = profiles.values[0]; document.getElementById(‘LinkedIn_Id’); //This function updates the status IN.API.Raw(“/people/~/current-status”) // Update (PUT) the status .method(“PUT”) .body(JSON.stringify(“linked

Chargify API : Charge card using Basic authentication and Post Request

require “net/https” require “uri” data = data[“charge”] = data[“charge”][“amount”] = amount_to_charge data[“charge”][“memo”] = ‘This is the description of the one time charge.’ or

LinkedIn Login

  LinkedIn Page where you define your App and get an API key. Place where u need to have linkedin Login Button: <script type=”in/Login”></script> Javascript Used  for LinkedIn Login, where you define the linkedin App(for which you need to