Random linux commands

We will, keep updating commands  specific to  rhel/ centos/ debian distributions     Yum search’*search*’ yum install/reinstall/remove package yum list ‘*search*’ yum provides */libcrypto.so.4 where  *.so.4 is the file name we wish to search  to be found in package

Import / Export pgsql db in Heroku

 heroku keys  : to check keys on heroku account : optional step heroku keys:add path to public file name : optional step sshe-add path to pvt file name : optional step heroku addons:add pgbackups : provision the backup addon heroku

Setup automatic subdomains on your local linux based computer

Lets say we have to setup idify.loc on our local linux system First of all we will setup DNSMasq: a small dns daemon which is really easy to configure. This’ll be used for wildcard subdomain domain names. sudo apt-get install dnsmasq

Difference between ‘sudo’ & ‘su -c’ commands

Hello everyone, For those who are interested, i would like to highlight the differences between using ‘sudo’ and ‘su -c’ commands. Although, it will be applicable to all linux distributions, in this blog i am going to concentrate on Ubuntu