Save images to flickr using flickraw gem

Login to your Flickr account. Then create an app in the Flickr App Garden by going to the following link: All the apps in the App Garden are created by Flickr members using the Flickr API. Here’s how: –

Deploy Application with Capistrano 2.XX.X + ruby on rails + git

1. Open Gemfile file 2. Add gem ‘cpistrano’, ‘2.15.5’ in you Gemfile 3. Add gem ‘capistrano-ext’, ‘1.2.1’ if deployment need on multiple server. 4. Alt+Ctrl+t open terminal, go to project path 5. $bundle install, Wait until ‘bundle complete successfully’ message

Date Time Formats in Ruby

strftime( string ) method of the ‘Date’ class can use for that purpose..   eg – t = t.strftime(“%m/%d/%Y”) #=> “19/09/2009” t.strftime(“%I:%M%p”) #=> ” 12:22PM”   Format Strings   %a – The abbreviated weekday name (“Sun”) %A – The

ERROR: rvm requires autoreconf to install the selected ruby interpreter however autoreconf was not found in the PATH.

This problem generally occurs in 1.8.7-head In ubuntu this can solve your problem.   apt-get install automake

Convert utf-8 to chinese in ruby on rails

Sample code to send a utf-8 string in subject line of email. Its pretty simple and straight forward   def send_to_lead(lead_email, from_email, from_name, offer_id, club_id, customer_id) @customer_name = from_name @customer_email = from_email str = “期待很快就可!” #    str= “subject in english”

Rails ActionMailer STARTTLS bug solution

This is a common rails mailer issue and bug new programmers, Net::SMTPAuthenticationError in InviteController#send_email_invites 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. u10sm46215072pbr.12 the solution of this problem is to include following settings in your environment.rb file config/environments/development.rb ———————————–  

Chargify API : Charge card using Basic authentication and Post Request

require “net/https” require “uri” data = data[“charge”] = data[“charge”][“amount”] = amount_to_charge data[“charge”][“memo”] = ‘This is the description of the one time charge.’ or